Etheridge Shire Council – QLD

  • Fully customised GIS application implementation
  • Digital & hardcopy Road Register
  • Urban & Rural numbering
  • GIS Data cleansing & rationalising
  • Water reticulation assets pickup & mapping
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Asset Valuation
  • Service Delivery Budget Modelling and Presentations
  • Flood damage pickup using GPS Cameras
  • Flood Damage submission 2008, 2009 and 2010. Training, System and Estimate implementation.
  • PIP Development
  • Road Policy

Isaac Regional Council – QLD

  • Digital & Hardcopy Road Register
  • Roads and Drainage Valuation
  • Maintenance Management System for Unsealed Roads
  • Budget Development Assistance - Service Delivery Model
  • GPS Mobile Data Collection Training using GBM Mobile
  • Unsealed road best practice operations techniques training

Banana Shire Council – QLD

  • Road and Drainage Valuations
  • Asset Data Management Implementation using Existing system
  • Budget Assistance - Service delivery model - Financial ratio checks - council presentation
  • End of Financial Year Reporting and Assistance
  • Mapping Structure Assistance
  • Asset Capitalisation Procedures and Process Development

 Central Highlands Regional Council – QLD

  • Road register updating using GIS.
  • Road Asset Management Plan Assistance with modelling and service level assignment.
  • Water and Sewer Asset Management Plan Review and Update modelling data from renewal reviews with staff and register.
  • Miscellanous infrastructure assistance projects

Rockhampton Regional Council – QLD

  • Unsealed Roads Best Practice Operational Techniques Training
  • Unsealed Road Service Delivery Model Development - budget and councils presentations
  • Past Road and Drainage Valuations before Amalagmation. 

Mackay Regional Council – QLD

  • Flood Damage submission 2008, 2009 and 2010. Training, System and Estimate implementation.
  • Unsealed service delivery management. Training, system, budget, programming and reviewing

Central Highlands Isaac Regional Road Group – QLD

  • Cordinator for group, provide technical assistance in the development of SOI and RIP using prioritisation tool.  
  • Reporting bi monthly on Auslink project, RIP and SOI for regional road group.  

West Wimmera Shire Council – VIC

  • $15.7M Project Management and Road Condition Assessment

South Burnett Regional Council – QLD

  • Executive Management Support
  • Asset Management Bureau Services
  • Unsealed Roads System Implementation and Training
  • Valuation Services

Regional Council – QLD

  • Asset Management Bureau Services
  • Road Condition Assessment RACAS
  • KIM implementation
  • Valuation Services

Mount Isa City Council – QLD

  • Asset Management Planning
  • Asset Management Bureau Services
  • Asset Health Check
  • Asset Management System Implementation

Unity Wager – QLD

  • Asset Management Strategic Planning
  • Asset Management Support

Food Works Construction Building Inspection Project – QLD

Lachlan Shire Council – NSW

  • RACAS Road Condition Assessment
  • Flood App Implementation
  • Asset Management Support

Temora Shire Council – NSW

  • $1.4M Airport Flood Damage Data Capture and Submission Preparation

Livingstone Shire Council – QLD

  • Capitalisation Project

Energex - QLD

  • Sydney Kidston Road Condition Assessment and Deterioration Modelling