Mackay Flood - Site Collection

We collected all the urban flood damage sites using GPS camera's and mobile laptops (with previous years outstanding sites – so we didn't collect them again or could see if they had grown). Project took 1 week. Data was processed in our unique flood damage application.

Etheridge - Main Roads Flood Submission 2011

Prepared the main road submission for the Etheridge Shire Region.  Process involved taking data from our unique flood damage application in the correct format for entry into the Main Roads excel sheets.

CHRC - Asset Management Process Development

Developed an integrated electronic application (simple–database and excel sheets linked) that linked individual water and sewer scheme renewals and capital works projects for 19 schemes into a live database for generating works programs and asset management forecasting up to 10 years. Training for managers in the use of the excel files was completed with documentation.

Flood Damage Assistance for Central and North Queensland

Rockhampton, Mackay, Isaac, Banana, Etheridge and Croydon Councils are using our unique flood damage application and services using GPS camera, mapping and specialized database application.

Etheridge Shire -Whole of Council Asset Management Approach

Started with Etheridge shire working on the following: Road Valuations, Maintenance Management System development, Asset GIS Mapping Register, Asset Management Plan and Process of handling Assets after valuation and Training and Education Programs.

Aurukun Shire - Interim Evaluation

Complete an interim revaluation of all assets by indexing.

Isaac Regional Council - Main Road Culverts Inspections Nov08 - Feb09

We provided the process and assistance for the collecting of the drainage asset data using GBM Mobile mapping application and a database application to complete the estimates for repairs.

Mackay Regional Flood Claim Assistance

I have Mackay Regional Council with the preparation of their flood claims for the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 years. We are using GPS Enable cameras with Memo and a customised database application to speed up the process.

Etheridge - Flood Damage Claim 11M using GPS Camera and Database Application Jan-Feb09

We recently produced the flood damage claim for Etheridge Shire working with staff. We used a unique system of data collection using GPS Cameras and a Database application to complete the claim. The claim was completed in record time frame.

Cook Shire - interim Revaluation of Roads and Drainage Assets Oct08

We have recently completed an interim revaluation of the roads and drainage asset class using indexing.