Isaac Regional Council - roads and drainage valuation Oct08-May09

We have recently completed the roads and drainage valuation for the new region. This included the joining of the 3 old councils regional data sets together, unit rate development, remaining life assessments and final the producing of the finanical valuation numbers.

Isaac Regional Council - Hard Copy Road Register Maps Jan-Feb09

We have produced hard copy road register maps for the new region using GIS data to produce the maps.

Banana Shire - Road Valuation and Asset Solutions Jan-Jul09

Completed the road and drainage valuations. Worked with staff on the process of maintaining asset register in GIS and also meeting financial compliance requirements using developed processes for council.

Central Qld - Auslink Project 21M Road Construction

Complete the bi-monthly reporting to dotars for the region since 2006/07

Banana Shire - Road and Drainage Valuation

Completed the roads and drainage valuation for council. Process worked on updating asset data into MapInfo (age, remaining life and units) and the production of new unit rates and valuation numbers to satisfy the auditors.

Flood Damage Pickup using GPS Camera

We have recently help the Mackay Regional Council (3 year in a row) and the Etheridge Regional council (2 years in a row) with their flood damage submission using GPS camera.

The amount of time this process saves is atleast half of what it use to take to complete using a normal camera and paper. If you would like some more details please email

Banana Shire - End of Year Reporting

Assisted council complete their end of year asset financial reporting to meet audit requirements. Items completed;

1. Checked for material differences in values by checking unit rates and Queensland standard construction indexes.

Etheridge Shire - End of Year Asset Audit

Worked with Council last month and this month to finalist the whole of council asset financials for the end of year audit processes for all asset classes. This included the indexing of certain assets, impairment testing and completion, methodology development and working with council staff and auditor to finalize accounts.

Central Highlands Regional - Water & Sewer AMP

We were engaged to review existing asset register and financial modeling and adjust to ensure that models related to council existing service level provided.

Project included;

Development of Asset Renewal Profiles by Working with Council staff to develop practical 5 year programs based on knowledge of the systems and existing asset register information on remaining lives.

Update of all financial modeling spreadsheets for each scheme with newly obtained information.

Central Highlands Regional - Road Data Validation

We were engaged to update Council road register with the latest sealed and unsealed sections for the four amalgamated Councils.

This project was completed and validated using mapping processes.  The benefits of mapping the roads was that council could easily validate it correctness.

Process included obtaining and joining all council road mapping data, object correction, object updating from meetings with key staff and data structure development.