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Services Brochures

Business Capability Statement  - introducing the Shepherd Services team.
Flood Damage Claims in Half the Time - outlining the Shepherd Services NDRRA flood damage claim process.
GIS Services - outlining available GIS services.
Spatial Data Collection Services - outlining the range of survey and spatial data collection services available.
Knowledge & Information Management Application (KIM) - a brochure describing the customised MapInfo application.
KIM Application User Document - full user documentation for the KIM application.
RACAS - Road Asset Condition Assessment System

Training Brochures

GIS Training - Understanding what GIS is an how it can assist in your work
GIS Training - Fundamentals for GIS operators
GIS Training - Advanced GIS functionalities
IPWEAQ training course enrollment form - Flood Damage? Claim in Half the Time using GPS enabled cameras and mapping processes
How to Manage Unsealed Roads training course - training course brochure.
Unsealed Roads course outline - outline of the aspects covered by the Unsealed Roads training course.

IPWEAQ State Conference Papers

 How To Use Microsoft Excel to Produce 10 Year Renewal Profiles

Presentation File
Surface Renewal xls
Plant Renewal xls

Using GPS Enable Cameras to Complete Flood Submissions in Half the Time

Part 1 of Presentation
Part 2 of Presentation
ARC Explorer User Manual
The Power of Link Photos and GIS

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