Shepherd Services has experience in the delivery of training in both Asset Management and GIS aspects. Any training we offer can generally be carried out at a premises of your choice.

Asset Management Training
Asset Management training is available in the following areas;

  • Development of Practical Service Levels
  • Development of Service Delivery Programming
  • Budget Modelling Service Delivery
  • Reporting and Reviewing Service Delivery Key Performance Indicators
  • Asset Management Information Process Development for finance data management
  • Asset Management Information Process Development for attribute data management 
  • Training in Financial Reporting Requirements

GIS Training
We have a specific GIS training package for Managers, Supervisors, Coordinators and others who have little exposure to, or experience with GIS but are interested in understanding how GIS can assist them in their work. 

The Fundamentals for GIS Operators course is aimed at those people who are in a position where they are required to update or maintain GIS data or have the responsibilities for an organisational GIS but have limited prior experience.

Our Advanced GIS Functionalities course is suitable for those people who have some experience in GIS and want to extend their skills and abilities into the more complex issues of GIS data management, manipulation and interrogation.

Other GIS training to meet your specific needs can be developed and conducted on request.

Go to the Downloads page to obtain brochures on our available training courses.

Managing Unsealed Roads Training
Managing Unsealed Roads on Limited Budget is a two day training course on offer. We have been working actively with councils for an extensive number of years developing proven and practical approaches to the management of unsealed road networks.

Go to our web site to obtain further information.

Using GPS Cameras to complete Flood Damage Claiming in Half the time.
Shepherd Services has developed a complete system for the collection and processing of flood damaged assets information for claim submissions. This process uses GPS enabled cameras and a purpose built data base to take all of the hard work out of the process. Training in this process and the use of GPS Cameras is available on request. To obtain more information about the GPS cameras and this process go to the Downloads page.

Central Highlands and Isaac Regional Road Partnership Meeting- Oct 19, 2011